Roman Tribune Slot 

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Play Roman Tribune Slot Machine by Konami

When conflicts and wars were fought in ancient times, they were either quick and brutal or protracted and excruciating. The Romans were a nation in the Roman ranks, and commanders were needed to ensure that their men stayed in order. Tribune was one of the ranks that commanded the soldiers, and this vital role has been honoured in this free Roman Tribune slot. Konami’s Roman Tribune is a 30-payline online gambling game with five reels and three rows, a standard setup for a classical army. The Tribunes, renowned political figures and ruthless warriors, command this army, a rare mix that may lead to the finest victories or the worst of failures.

How to Play Roman Tribune Slot

The home base game paytable comprises some of the most crucial tools for any army, from swords and shields to commanders’ helmets. There is also a gorgeous woman and extremely costly jewellery set to be taken home to her once the war is over. Moreover, there is a hint of what’s to come once the battle is won. With an RTP of 96.10%, this slot may be a winner regularly. As you spin the reels, a handful of lower value symbols will most likely appear with higher paying symbols, resulting in moderate payouts. Let’s take a look at how to play this game.

  • Press play!
  • Check out the paytable for the best combinations and RTP.
  • Choose your bet and paylines.
  • Then spin to win!

Symbols and Inside Information on Roman Tribune

The bottom of the paytable is made up of card symbols ranging from A to 9, and while they won’t help you win any battles, they can help you top up your wallet. This Ancient Rome-themed slot has everything in place for action to begin, from symbols to the Tribunes protecting the reels. The higher part of the table consists of helmets, swords, and shields with high-paying symbols. The highest jackpot this has ever had was 3.2 million coins!

  • Helmet Symbol. When it appears, you get to substitute all symbols with another desired symbol.
  • Shield and sword symbol. When it appears, you get 250 times your original bet.
  • Tribune emblem. When it appears, it will trigger about 15 free spins and activate a few bonus rounds!

Play Roman Tribune for Real Money

You cannot play Roman Tribune for real money anywhere. It depends on where you are. Let’s look at where you can play this game for real money. Moreover, the situation is the same with Roman Tribune as with Gypsy Fire, given that they are both from the same company!

  • Australia

You cannot play Roman Tribune Slots since all online casinos are abmmed within Australia due to its laws.

  • Canada

Canada does not specifically specify if it is against or pro online gambling sites. Thus, many gambling sites are freely available to be used to play Roman Tribune!

  • New Zealand

The people of New Zealand cannot play Roman Tribune ion offshore gambling sites so they must find one that is licensed by the government to play.

  • US

The US has many different ideas on gambling sites. Some states allow it and some do not due to religious or personal reasons. You can play if your state allows it.

Bonus Rounds, Free Spins and Other Bonuses in Roman Tribune

To be eligible for the highest prizes, players must first activate the free spins bonus by landing at least three scatter symbols on a win line. When additional scatters appear, you will receive more free spins, with the highest number being 15. If you choose to keep your free spins, you will also receive a 2x multiplier. When it comes to the ‘Balance of Fortune’ offer in Roman Tribune, you must be certain of your choice because one incorrect judgement might be the end of an army. You can either swap in your free spins for a unique chance to win big in the bonus round or pass up the offer and try your luck on the reels. The online slots have wild symbols that can assist with wins on their own, ensuring that even the unluckiest-looking line has a chance to win large.

Tips & Strategy When Playing Slots

  • Pick Traditional slots over progressive! Progressive slots are not the same as traditional slots. They don’t have a set jackpot amount for their slot machines, and the jackpot can be any size. Typically, such slots are connected in several casinos, and a bigger the jackpot is raised as more players play a given slot. Please remember that progressive jackpot slots have higher volatility than regular jackpot slots while choosing between the two, which means that a player’s chances of winning are slim, but the stakes are high. Progressive slots are ideal if you simply want to experience intense emotions while hoping to win a large prize. Classic slot machine games, on the other hand, are still recommended. Although the payouts are lower, you have a far better chance of winning.
  • Before beginning the slot game, read the terms attentively to ensure that you don’t miss any vital details. Some jackpots or bonuses, for example, need a minimum bet to be won.
What is the difference between class 2 and class 3 slots?

A class 2 slot machine is linked to a centralised computer system that ultimately determines each stake. Traditional slot machines, such as those found in Las Vegas, are classified as Class 3 slot machines. They’re played and paid out without using your computer, and the player’s probabilities of victory are the same every time they spin the reels.

If slot machines are random, how can casinos guarantee how much they pay back?

The machines aren’t set up to pay back a predetermined percentage of the money. However, the reels are designed to be weighed so that the ‘theoretical return’ pays the casino whatever it wants over time.

Is gambling on a slot machine random?

Yes. A random number generator is used in physical and virtual slot machines (RNG), a computer-based algorithm that selects numbers at random. Each number has a symbol associated with it. It (the reel) comes to a halt when the wanted symbol or number is reached on the reel.