Lobstermania Slot

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Lobstermania Slot Machine Review

Lobstermania Slot is a hugely popular title from IGT. This game is one of the most popular titles offered by IGT. This is because it has excellent graphics, a fun theme, and some interesting game mechanics and bonus rounds. This title has much more to offer than many standard slot games. The gameplay is in-depth, and you even have a choice of bonus rounds to choose from. In addition to this, the jackpots are potentially huge – you can win 50000x your bet value, for example with the golden lobster. Here at Freeslotshub, we have gathered all the information relating to this slot game. Furthermore, we have tested the game so that we understand its features. We have compiled this information for you and provided a free version of this game so that you can test it. If you read on, you can find out everything you need to know about this superb casino slot game:

Free Spins Bonus & Bonus Features

One of the best features of this game is the myriad of bonus rounds. Lobstermania is a fun game to play and has much more to offer than most standard slot games. It features several different bonus games and several ways to win free spins too. We have described these bonus features in detail below:

Random Jackpot Scatter bonus

On any spin, a jackpot symbol can appear over the basic game symbols. If you gain 3, 4, or 5 jackpot symbols, the standard value is substituted, and the following jackpot is awarded:

  • 3 jackpot symbols: 2500 Light Trap jackpot
  • 4 jackpot symbols: 10000 Full Trap jackpot
  • 5 jackpot symbols: 50000 Mother Lodge jackpot

Only one jackpot is awarded per spin. Jackpot wins are also not available during the free spin bonus rounds.

5x & 3x bet multipliers

Aside from the jackpot symbol, multiplier symbols can also appear over the buoy, boat, lighthouse, and boathouse symbols. The following multipliers are awarded:

  • 3x jackpot symbols: winning combination is multiplied by 3
  • 5x jackpot symbols: winning combination is multiplied by 5

This multiplier symbol only appears on reel 3.

Bonus Picker – free spins or Lucky Larry’s Buoy Bonus

There are two main bonus options in Lobstermania – free spins, or the buoy bonus. These bonuses can be obtained in the following ways:

  • 3x white Lobstermania symbols – triggers the bonus picker
  • 3x blue Lobstermania symbols – automatically award 5 free spins

These two bonuses can be triggered multiple times. The free spin bonus provides additional free spins that use the bonus paytable. We have described Lucky Larry’s Buoy Bonus in greater detail below.

Lucky Larry’s Buoy Bonus

If you pick the Buoy Bonus, you can select three different options – Brazil, Australia, or Maine. Each option picks a set number of buoys – 2, 3, or 4. The number of buoys picks corresponds to the number of lobsters that are pulled. Each lobster provides a bonus multiplier from 10x to 575x, or the golden lobster. The golden lobster awards additional bonuses – Octopus, Kangaroo, or Pelican. The following multipliers apply for winning reels based on the golden lobster:

  • Octopus (Brazil): 200x to 1000x bet value
  • Kangaroo (Australia): 200x to 800x bet value
  • Pelican (Maine): 160x to 625x bet value

As you can see, this is a fantastic way to quickly boost your winnings by a huge value.

Play Lobstermania by IGT

Lobstermania has one of the best casino themes we have seen. It is based on the lovable character Larry Lobster. The whole game, in fact, revolves around fishing, catching lobsters, and popular coastal areas. Furthermore, the graphics are fantastic and look sharp – the game looks extremely modern compared to some older IGT titles. Aside from the fun theme, and awesome graphics, the game features the Rock Lobster soundtrack – this popular song is known worldwide. In addition to this, Lobstermania has an amazing array of features and bonus rounds. You can have so much fun playing this game. We have listed some of the main benefits below:

  • Interesting and engaging Lobster theme
  • Fun and lively music
  • Simple gameplay with straightforward controls
  • Various bonus features
  • High potential jackpot wins

Why not give this game a try using our free demo version? As you will see below, you can try this game out for free and see how it plays.

Guide on How to Play Lobstermania Slot

As mentioned previously, this game is easy to play. The basic game mechanisms are similar to other IGT games. Furthermore, the different features are common in many slot games. To play Lobstermania, follow the steps we have listed below:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Select the bet value using the left/right arrows in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Press the start button.
  4. Choose any bonus options available after winning.

As you can see, this is extremely straightforward. The main pointer to remember is that you may have to choose one of the bonus options if you get 3x Lobstermania symbols – simply choose either the free spins or the Buoy Bonus. The game also has a myriad of basic settings and controls. The options menu and information tab give a full breakdown of the different pay tables available. Furthermore, these menus allow you to turn the game music off and alter the graphics settings if you wish.


Lobstermania has two different pay tables – one for the basic game, and one for the bonus free spins and rounds. The symbols are essentially the same but look slightly different. We have listed the paytable information below together with the basic game rules:

Base game paytable:

  • Orange Lobstermania symbol: 8000 / 200 / 50
  • Blue Lobstermania symbol: 1000 / 200 / 50
  • Buoy: 400 / 100 / 25
  • Boat: 400 / 100 / 25
  • Lighthouse: 300 / 75 / 20
  • Boathouse: 300 / 75 / 20
  • K / Q: 150 / 50 / 5
  • J / 10 / 9: 100 / 20 / 5
  • 8: 100 / 20 / 5

Free spin game paytable:

  • Orange Lobstermania symbol: 8000 / 200 / 50
  • Blue Lobstermania symbol: 1000 / 200 / 50
  • Buoy: 400 / 100 / 25
  • Boat: 400 / 100 / 25
  • Lighthouse: 300 / 75 / 20
  • Boathouse: 300 / 75 / 20
  • K / Q: 150 / 50 / 5
  • J / 10 / 9: 100 / 20 / 5
  • 8: 100 / 20 / 5

Base game rules:

  • Line wins pay left to right- Line wins are multiplied by the coin value.
  • Any game malfunction result in void bets and void gameplay.

The orange Lobstermania symbol is the highest paying symbol for the basic game. The bonus rounds feature higher multipliers and potential jackpot wins.


Mobile gaming is now the preferred choice for online casinos. Using Android smartphones and iPhones offers a much better gaming experience than using traditional methods such as a laptop and desktop computer. Using a computer is too restrictive – you cannot move around or gamble whenever you please. On the other hand, using an iPad or mobile device offers unparalleled flexibility and freedom. We know that mobile gaming is popular and thus only try to recommend casino slot games that have a mobile version. Lobstermania, by IGT, does indeed have a dedicated mobile version. This version works on all popular mobile devices such as Windows Phones, Android devices, and iPhones. Furthermore, it works without delay and has all of the full version’s features. The mobile experience using this game is favorable and gives users extra freedom.

The best Tips for Lobstermania Slot

Lobstermania is a relatively simple game. There is not much strategy involved as users can only change the bet value. The main tips we can offer are to know your limits and exercise control when gambling. It is quite easy to burn through your bankroll if you are not careful. One of the best strategies we can provide is the minimalistic approach. This strategy has various names but it is well-known within the industry. Using this strategy, the main concept is as follows:

  • Place minimum value bets.
  • When you hit a win, increase your bet value.
  • Continue using this higher value until your next loss.
  • When you lose next, revert to the smaller bet price.
  • Repeat this process.

This is not a method that will provide huge jackpot wins, but it is consistent. Furthermore, it is considered to be low-risk. You are generally spending minimal amounts, and only increase your bet values on a win. Remember also that Freeslotshub has a fantastic selection of tips, strategies, and reviews. We understand slot games and have in-depth knowledge of how they work. We have therefore used this knowledge to provide you with useful info. We have other reviews like this Lobstermania slot review, and also common slot strategies. The following are some of the benefits you can expect using our website:

  • Detailed slot game reviews.
  • Recommendations for quality online casinos.
  • Information on bonus and welcome offers.
  • A myriad of free slot games to test.
  • Useful game strategies and tips.

No Download No Registration

Traditional processes for playing online casino games involve downloading software and registering accounts. Historically, desktop computers and laptops had to download software to run casino games – this software is becoming less prevalent however as mobile technology takes over. Registration is still a standard practice however – users must register an account to play on an online casino for real money. This registration process is tiresome. Furthermore, downloading and installing software is also a chore. We understand this and thus offer a quick and stress-free gaming experience. Freeslotshub provides slot games like Lobstermania for free. You can find the game, press play, and try it instantly with no registration and no download. If you want to try out this superb game, you have come to the right place!

Odds for Winning

So what are your chances of winning when playing this slot title? The RTP is listed as 94.90% – this is lower than the industry average of 96%. Furthermore, the game is considered medium volatility. In real terms, this means if you spent $100, you would be expected to win back $94.90 or lose $5.10.

  • RTP: 94.90%.
  • Min/Max RTP: 92.84% / 96.52%.
  • Volatility: Medium.

The minimum and maximum RTP rates are interesting – 96.52% is the upper limit that you would expect. This is above the industry average. Remember, however, that this is the most the game is expected to pay-out. Obviously, it is possible to win huge jackpots and go far above these RTP rates, but realistically, this is what you can expect. Medium volatility slot games provide medium risk – they are neither high or low risk. This combined with the RTP rate makes Lobstermania an OK game to play. That being said, the different bonus features and jackpots are certainly more rewarding and frequent than some of the other IGT titles.


We have listed the basic game features. This should provide you with an excellent summary of what this game has to offer:

  • Volatility – Medium.
  • Paylines – 40.
  • Jackpot Amount – 12,000.
  • Bonus Rounds – Yes.
  • Free Spins – Yes.
  • Scatter symbol – Yes.
  • Wild Symbol – Yes.
  • Reels – 5.
  • Lines – 3.
  • Developer – IGT.
  • Highest Payout – 50,000.
  • RTP – 94.90%.
  • Autoplay – Yes.
  • Instant play – Yes.

As you can see, this game has some fantastic basic features. First and foremost, the jackpots and highest payout are superb. In addition to this, the number of pay lines is high compared to some other IGT slot games – this effectively provides greater chances to win.

How to Play for Real Money

Playing for real money is the ultimate casino experience. Testing the slot games and learning their mechanics can only provide so much info and fun. In the end, you are learning about these slot games so that you can improve your chances of winning, and try your luck in a real money scenario? Whilst Freeslotshub offers Lobstermania for free, we also provide links to top quality casinos where you can play for real money. Each casino we have listed is fully licensed and regulated. Furthermore, the casinos have a fantastic reputation and some fantastic systems such as payment methods and game selection. If you want to play for real money and see if you can win a huge jackpot on Lobstermania, we have created a simple set of instructions. Follows these steps below to play for real money today:

  1. Browse through the list of available casinos provided by Freeslotshub.
  2. Choose a casino and open the link to the website.
  3. Register an account and follow all instructions.
  4. Make a deposit using an available payment method.
  5. Find the Lobstermania in their list available games.
  6. Start playing for real money.

The registration process can be time-consuming, but it is necessary – ensure you provide the details requested, such as email address and phone number. To make a deposit of real money you must use one of the payment methods provided, such as PayPal, Skrill, Visa, or MasterCard. Once you have done this, you can start playing Lobstermania Slot. Ensure that you check the currency used and that the game is the same version as the free demo you have tested here at Freeslotshub.

We hope you have found this Lobstermania slot review beneficial. IGT has created a fantastic slot with some brilliant features. The game is easy to play, fun and has some consistent rewards too. Playing for real money can yield returns if you play sensibly.

Does Lobstermania have an autoplay feature?

Yes, Lobstermania has an autoplay feature. Click the auto-play button in the bottom right-hand corner. This gives an option to choose from 10-50 spins. Select the number of spins, and the game plays automatically.

Are the game odds independent i.e. are the odds of each spin separate from each other?

Yes, this slot uses fair methods for random result generation. All results are independent of each other.

When getting the bonus symbols, do you get both bonus methods?

No, you must choose either or. There are two bonus options – Buoy Bonus, or free spins.